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Home / Classifieds / Lifesling Man Overboard Retrieval System
Home / Classifieds / Lifesling Man Overboard Retrieval System

Lifesling Man Overboard Retrieval System


Where? Nyack

First version. New old stock. Never used.

Original Marketing Description:

Item ID: 16006

Price: $229.95

The Lifesling is recommended by leading safety authorities
as the most comprehensive approach to rescuing a crew
member who has gone overboard. It consists of a specially
designed storage bag or rigid case, 150’ of floating retrieval
line, and a flotation collar that will float your largest crew
member even with all their gear on.

To meet USCG requirements, you must use it on a sailboat
over 20’ or a powerboat with a hoisting point at least 10’
above deck.

American made, USCG approved Type V device.
Highly visible and flexible collar has 21lbs of

Bag holds lifesling and retrieval line ready to go.
Instructions for use are printed on bag.
Can be mounted on a flat surface or rails.
Multifilament polopropylene line pays out easily.
Measures 22"H x 15"W x 6"D.

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