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How to Use Our Classifieds

Posting- Both members and nonmembers may post ads for boats or equipment, including if it is free. We only ask that you remove your ad when the item is sold. To post an ad you must have an account, which for non-members can be created by clicking CONTACT and following the instructions at the bottom of the page. Next, sign into your account.

  • If selling something other than a boat, click on Classifieds, then Add / Manage My Classifieds, enter your information and upload any pictures or other info. 
  • If selling a boat, Members are asked to put it in the boat database if it is not already there. Nonmembers may do this as well. To add a boat click on Portal at the top of the page, then go to My boats and then Add a new boat. Fill in as much boat data as needed and add pictures using the upload function. In the boat record click on Ownership and then Sell this boat. Enter the information specific to the sale. You will need to enter a price for the boat unless free, in which case it will show zero. If the price is negotiable, enter a target price and state in the description "the price is negotiable" or "best offer over the listed price". 

After Sale- Please remove the boat from the classifieds or indicate it as sold. If a member sells the boat to another member, we would suggest that you use the Ownership tab on the boat record to indicate who the new owner is. This will allow all of the boat history to follow the boat to the next owner.

The system administrators reserve the right to remove adds that are old, are not related to sailing, or are inappropriate. 

Last updated 12:49pm on 13 November 2023

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