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Home / Join Us / Submit Your Application Online.

Submit Your Application Online.

We are glad you are interested in joining our club. To facilitate this process, please complete the following steps to initiate the application process. Note that all links will open the appropriate form or web page in a new tab so you may continue to reference these instructions. 

STEP 1- Create a login account. To create an account go to the 'Create an account now' page, fill out the form, and to complete the credentialing process click on 'Create account'. You will be sent an email with your credentials but you will also have access without a need to log in.  

STEP 2- Go to 'My profile' to create your personal profile. On this page follow these instructions-

  1. Verify your name is correct. If not click on the get in touch link and specify the error so that it can be corrected. You may continue however to complete the form.
  2. Date of birth is optional. 
  3. A photo is optional but helpful.   
  4. The 'About me' section need not be filled out at this time as it is part of the application process. However, if you wish to fill it out now, see STEP 4 for details. 
  5. Emergency Information is suggested. 
  6. Medical info, and Dietary info are not used so skip this information. 
  7. You must provide a phone number so we may contact you. If the number you entered previously is a mobile number it is suggested you pull down Add.., select Mobile, and add the number again so it is identified as a mobile phone. You can then Remove the prior phone or change the number to your house or work number. Identify your preferred number by clicking the checkbox for that number and set that number for Members. 
  8. You must add your postal or mailing address. Do this by using the Add… menu, select the type address, and enter the data. 
  9. You can select sailing experience from the categories listed or leave blank if not applicable. 
  10. Finally, to record this data click Save changes at the bottom of the form.

STEP 3- Determine which type of membership you are interested in by reviewing the 'JOIN US' page of the website. 

  1. General Membership is a full membership for an individual or family with voting rights, access to club facilities and activities, and work service assignments. New general members enter with 'Provisional' status. 
  2. Special Activities Membership is a one year program for individuals where you will learn to sail, experience club life, and enjoy access to our fleet of Ideal 18 sailboats.

STEP 4- Go to 'Membership (Join)' to complete and submit your application. Then follow these steps and add the requested information. 

  1. Select a membership type you wish to apply for using the drop down menu. Provisional is the entry level for all new General Members. Special Activities is the one year introductory program. Note- If you are a returning past member, select Provisional but we will change it to Active when your membership is approved.
  2. Date of birth and Gender are optional and not required. 
  3. The telephone number and address should be filled in from your profile entries. 
  4. Use 'About me' to enter the following information which is suggested for your application-
    1. Tell us how you heard about the club.
    2. Tell us why you wish to be a member. 
    3. Is a member or members sponsoring you? 
    4. If married and applying for general membership please tell us your spouses name. Also if applicable tell us about your school aged children. 
    5. Have you had any boating experience. For how long? What type of boats? Are you interested in racing, cruising, and/or day sailing? Having no experience is perfectly acceptable. 
    6. Hobbies or interests you have outside of sailing.
    7. Owning a boat is not a requirement but tell us the type of boat you own if you are a boat owner. If you intend to keep the boat at the club, go to STEP 5 to enter data on each boat to be kept on site. Also tell us if you wish to moor it, keep it in our dry sail area, or if small enough keep it on our boat racks.
    8. Given Nyack Boat Club is a do-it-yourself organization, tell us how do you feel you could best participate in the clubs operation?  Tell us any skills that might be useful to fellow club members?
  5. When you have completed this information, click on 'Apply' to submit your application and complete the first step in the process. Once you complete this part, someone from our admissions committee will be in contact with you with further instructions. 

STEP 5- Do you intend to keep a boat or boats at the club? If so enter data on each boat at 'My boats'. 

Should you require any help in this process, please feel free to use the 'Contact Us' form with the subject set to 'Admissions and Membership' to reach out to the committee. Provide us with enough details that we can help answer your questions. 

Thank you and we appreciate your interest in the Nyack Boat Club. NBC Admissions

Last updated 1:31pm on 5 May 2023

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