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    NBC Social Calendar: Week of July 8th - 14th

    Galley Wed & Thu, Spinnaker Bar Wed thru Sun
    Friday: Mabel Rose 'Round the World.
    Saturday: Guy Moulton Regatta Party.

    Published 12:35am on 8 Jul 2024

  • Wednesday Night Racing (Video - 7 mins)

    Drone footage of July 3 Wedneswday Night Racing (7 min) courtesy of Piotr B.

    Published 11:03am on 6 Jul 2024

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    New in 2024: Private Sailing Lessons

    All members, including seasonal members, have access to private sailing lessons on club-owned Ideal 18 saiboats. JOIN US.

    Published 7:44pm on 4 Jul 2024

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    New in 2024: Kayaks

    All members, including seasonal members, have use of club-owned kayaks. JOIN US.

    Published 7:18pm on 4 Jul 2024

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    NBC Social Calendar: Week of July 1st - 7th

    See what's happening this week: Spinnaker Bar and Galley hours, and other events

    Published 3:29pm on 10 Jun 2024

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    Discover - Junior Sailing

    For more than half a century, the Nyack Boat Club has run a very successful and well-respected Junior Sailing program for both beginners and more advanced junior sailors.

    Published 12:00am on 14 May 2024

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    New to Boat Ownership? Let's Do It Together!

    You've heard of DIY - Do It Yourself? At the Nyack Boat Club, we prefer the Do It Together approach, which makes boat ownership easier than you might think.

    Published 12:00am on 13 May 2024

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    Come Crew With Us For Some Serious Fun!

    One of the best ways to enjoy the thrill of sailboat racing is to crew on a member's boat -- and you don't have to be a Nyack Boat Club member to give it a try.

    Published 12:00am on 12 May 2024

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    The Joy of One-Design Racing

    The Nyack Boat Club has one of the most vibrant racing programs in the tri-state area.

    Published 12:00am on 11 May 2024

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    Discover - Sunset Sailing

    One of our most popular programs is our adult Sunset Sailing Program. A program for people who do not own a sailboat yet want to discover sailing.

    Published 3:37pm on 3 Mar 2024

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    Discover - Ideal Sailing

    The Ideal Sailing program features a fleet of club-owned boats for an exciting range of experiences, from learning to sail and recreational sailing, to advanced sailing and racing.

    Published 12:00am on 29 Feb 2024

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    Cruise Into Your Future

    The Nyack Boat Club is home to many different sailing fleets, but the largest and, some might argue the most social, is the Cruising  Fleet, with boats of all types and sizes. In addition to social events held at the club, several times each season the Cruising Fleet organizes group cruises, meets, and raft-ups on the Hudson River, the Long Island Sound, and New York Harbor. We also actively race on

    Published 10:35am on 14 Feb 2021

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